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In today’s globally competitive market place, it is important for all businesses and organizations, whether manufacturing, service or IT, to focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. By effectively applying Lean Six Sigma, organizations can supply products or services with outstanding quality and cost, efficiently delivering within shorter lead times.

Name and contact details

Name:ir. H.C. (Dick) Theisens
Organizations:  Symbol B.V.; LSSA B.V.
Job title:Director | Master Black Belt | Author

Having graduated from the University of Twente (Enschede, the Netherlands) in 1994, Theisens (1969) developed his experience of process improvement as a consultant in the automotive and high-tech industry at Texas Instruments, Sensata Technologies, Thales, VDL and several other companies. During a period of 25 years he has supported organizations deploying Continuous Improvement initiatives in a wide range of industries, in the Netherlands, Mexico and Malaysia.

Theisens executed and coached around 50 Lean Six Sigma projects. In 2021 and 2022 he was leading the Dutch Lean Corona vaccination team.

Currently Theisens is Director and Master Black Belt of Symbol B.V., a Consultancy and Training company in the Netherlands that is specialized in ‘Continuous Improvement’. Theisens is a guest lecturer at the University of Twente and is founder of the ‘Lean Six Sigma Academy’ (LSSA), which is the Scheme owner of the Lean Six Sigma certification program.


Theisens is author of the successful Lean Six Sigma book series ‘Climbing the Mountain’, which consist of text books and exercise books at the Yellow, Orange, Green and Black Belt level. The first book was published in 2014. More than 35,000 copies have now been sold in this series and it has helped many in developing a continuous improvement organization and solving challenging problems. In 2021 a completely revised edition of the series was published, according to the latest version of the CIMM framework and the LSSA skill set (v3.2).






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